Obbligato planters, furniture and accessories for a modern lifestyle.  

Contemporary planters, furniture and accessories for a modern lifestyle.

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Obbligato furniture / seating
wave benches
timber benches
stainless steel benches
organic benches
Obbligato X bench
Obbligato SOHO bench
Obbligato VEE bench
smokers benches
smokers benches
Upper East Side bench
Orchard bench B013
Custom / bespoke water features
New products
All products designed and manufactured in South Africa
Obbligato Stainless steel wave bench

Stainless steel wave bench - B001

Obbligato Stainless steel powder coated wave bench

Stainless steel  powder coated wave bench - B001

Obbligato Timber wave bench

Obbligato Timber wave bench - B002

Obbligato Plexiglass wave bench

Plexiglass wave bench - B002

Obbligato Flat timber slat bench

Obbligato Flat timber slatted bench - B003

Obbligato Organic bench

Obbligato Organic bench - B004

Obbligato Flat stainless steel bench

Flat stainless steel bench - B005


Flat timber benches - B006C

Obbligato X Bench - 007

X Bench - B007

Obbligato SOHO Timber bench

Obbligato SOHO Timber bench - B008

Obbligato VEE bench

Obbligato VEE bench - B009

Obbligato Union Square bench

Union Square bench - B011

Obbligato Upper East Side timber bench

Upper East Side timber bench - B012

Orchard bench B013

Orchard bench - B013

    Obbligato Custom built benches

Custom built benches

Wave bench - B001 Timber wave slat bench - B002 Flat timber slat bench - B003 Organic bench - B004 Stainless steel flat bench - B005 Laminated timber bench - B006 X Bench - B007 SOHO Bench - B008 VEE Bench - B009
  B011_Union Square bench Upper East Side Bench B012            
Obbligato furniture / seating  

Obbligato benches and seating options are available in a wide choice of designs and are ideal for home and garden, commercial and corporate use.

Obbligato organic bench

Send an email to info@obbligato.co.za for a price list.


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